Saxophone and flute tuition with Andrew Oh


1975 - 1979 Studio 'A' (Hong Kong) - Teaching Saxophone
1980 - 1984 Centro Teatro Attivo - Highly acclaimed school of Arts and Drama (Milan,Italy) - Director of Woodwinds
1985 Christian Brothers - College (Balmain, Sydney, Australia) - Teaching Saxophone and Flute
1986 Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) - Teaching Jazz Improvisation
1987 - 1999 SCECGS Redlands (Cremorne, Sydney, Australia) Teaching Saxophone and Flute

Due to regular overseas performances and professional commitments Andrew Oh currently teaches privately from his home studio in Sydney. Private one on one lessons can be arranged by calling +61-(0)425-274-680 or email:


  • Examination or audition preparations
  • All grades are welcome

Beginner Level (Duration - Approx. One Year)

A comprehensive, lesson by lesson method covering different aspects of Saxophone and Flute playing, with special emphasis on the Instrument, Embouchure, Posture, Tone Production, Scales, Arpeggios, Sight Reading, Complete Fingering Positions, Breath Control, Basic Music Theory & Care of Instrument.

Elementary Level (Duration - Approx. Two Years)

This level is an extension of the beginner level with further development in the Tonal Concept (Sound Production), Rhythmic & Melodic Studies, Articulation, Syncopation, Technical Development, Intonation (Discrimination of Pitch), Sense of Rhythm & Keeping Time, Chromatic Scale & Modes, Music Theory.

Intermediate Level (Duration - Approx. Three to Six Years)

This Level concentrates on Studies that has been dealt with in the previous levels. However, the level of difficulty increases for exercises and musical pieces. The introduction of Basic Improvisation will be the emphasis from this level onwards. Topics being dealt with are as follows:   

Compatibility of Mouthpiece / Reed for Sax, Development of Technique, Extreme Registers, Phrasing & Interpretation (Expression, Dynamics, Tools of Phrasing, Movement & Breath Control), Vibrato, Single/Double Tonguing, Basic Harmony (Chord Symbols; Scales Relationship to Chords), The Blues, Altered Scales, Melodic Development of Major, Minor & Dominant Scales in Improvisation, More Advanced Sight Reading & Music Theory.

Advanced Level (At least six years of playing experience)

From this level on, there are NO limits to challenges or duration of time. Concentration on Performance, Interpretation, Phrasing, Articulation, Expression, Improvisation, Ensemble Playing and Performing as a Soloist will be an ongoing practice to achieve the highest level of performance possible by an individual.

Some of the Topics covered in this level are Development of Patterns & Phrases, Tension & Release, Advanced Tonal Studies, Developing Speed, Understanding Chords & Progressions for Improvisation, Pentatonic & Blues Applications, Styling, Advanced Articulation, Ear Training; Developing Creativity; Understanding Related Scales with Altered Chords & Performance Repertoire and finally Doubling (the playing of more than one instrument)

* Please note that this program presented in my tuition applies more towards playing Jazz Flute & Jazz Saxophone. If studying Classical Flute or Classical Saxophone is needed, a different syllabus & repertoire would apply accordingly. Usually a combination of Jazz & Classical music will be taught unless specified by the student.



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